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Our Products
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Breads, Buns and Rolls.
Our Hardough Bread is infamous in Western Jamaica and is only sold fresh from the oven.  We also make Whole Wheat Bread, Light White Bread and an assortment of Buns and Rolls.  The Hammond's Special Spiced Bun was developed for all those bun lovers out there yearning for a Real Jamaican Bun and not the mass produced imitations.


Patties & Meals
Our Beef Patties are made from 100% Beef and are sold fresh from the oven.  At our location at 54 Beckford Street, along with our usual fair we also provide a range of deliteful meals with meat choices ranging from pork to fish to Pizzas and Rotisserie Chicken. 


Cakes, Puddings & Pastries

We make:

Plain Cakes

Fruit Cakes

Chocolate Cakes

Rainbow Cakes

Black Forest Cakes

Banana  Cakes 

Character Cakes

Potato Puddings

Bread Puddings

Cornmeal Puddings

Rum & Raisin Puddings

Plantain Tarts

Pineapple Tarts


Cinnamon Buns

Bear Claws

Rock Buns


Christmas Cakes

Christmas Puddings

We also do cakes for Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries.

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